The SnacKing Kitchen concept was discussed by Gas King leadership in the Fall of 2021. The time had come to renovate the original Gas King location at the corner of 2nd Avenue and Mayor Magrath Drive North in Lethbridge. For many years this location sold the usual gas station fare of prepackaged sandwiches and other treats, and tons of them. Including a kitchen in this flagship location so we could prepare and serve our sandwiches and hot food seemed like a winning idea.

This location boasts a large format store on a busy street with substantial traffic volume and on the edge of a very busy industrial park. The conversion of this location to our convenience store brand, SnacKing, started in the Fall of 2022 with SnacKing Kitchen starting to serve delicious hot food and sandwiches in February 2023.

As you can see on our menu below we prepare a variety of your favorite comfort foods and fresh handcrafted sandwiches – which will even be delivered to our other local stores.

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