“When you purchase our gas and diesel you can drive with confidence knowing that we stand firmly behind every litre we sell!”


The Fuel Quality Myth

Since the beginning, Gas King has sold gasoline and diesel that is produced by the large oil companies who have refineries in Western Canada. When Gas King first started selling fuel in Lethbridge in 1985 there were few independent fuel retailers in the area. Not being affiliated with a national chain confused people. We didn't make our own fuel so it was a common belief that the fuel we sold was of a lesser quality than what the major fuel chains were selling. Consumers thought this because they believed the large oil companies would only sell their “bottom of the barrel” product to a competitor, such as Gas King, and not their best quality fuel. The fact is, the Canadian General Standard Boards (CGSB) specification establishes the quality of gasoline and diesel being sold in Canada by all companies.

"There is no bottom of the barrel fuel, it’s all the very same!”

Why Large Oil Companies Would Supply Competitors

Oil company refineries produce more fuel than can actually be sold through their own branded facilities within a region. This excess fuel is then sold either directly, or through a broker, to non-refining chains like Gas King. This is very profitable for the large oil companies as it keeps their facilities operating at higher levels and lowers their overall refining costs. This keeps their retail fuel price competitive.

It is very common for major oil companies to trade petroleum products with other major oil companies who do not have a refinery or terminal within the region. For example, the Suncor / Petro-Can refinery in Montreal may supply all the Esso locations in Quebec with fuel because Imperial / Esso does not have a refinery there. Conversely, the Imperial / Esso refinery in Halifax may supply all of the Petro-Can locations in the Maritimes.

How Gas King Purchases Their Fuel

Our related company, Morris Petroleum Inc., purchases fuel from brokers who have supply arrangements with these large oil companies. Morris Petroleum Inc. then sells this fuel to Gas King.

The gasoline and diesel that we purchase is produced in one of the fineries in Western Canada and picked up at a loading terminal by our contracted carrier. The fuel is then delivered to our Gas King locations.

Fuel Quality Guarantee

Your satisfaction with our products is of the utmost importance to Gas King. We guarantee the highest quality - from the merchandise we sell in our stores to our car washes - and Gas King fuel is no exception.

If your vehicle has a problem proven to be caused by our fuel, we'll pay for the repair and even replace the fuel that caused the problem!

If you believe that the fuel you purchased at Gas King caused your vehicle's mechanical failure and would like to be reimbursed, please contact our customer relations department at:

E-mail: [javascript protected email address]
Tel: 403 320 2142
Toll free: 1 866 427 5464
Fax: 403 327 6176

Quality Fuel Badge

Self Serve Assist

Upon request, drivers requiring assistance at the pump will receive Full Service.

Whether you have mobility issues, are a new driver who requires instruction, or just struggle to refuel your vehicle, we're here to Assist.

Self Serve Assist is available at these Lethbridge Gas King locations:

• Northside Gas King 944 5 Ave NTel: 403 328 6069
• Lakeview Gas King 2710 12 Ave STel: 403 320 2994

To request assistance:

✓ Call the store (telephone numbers are above and also displayed at each pump).


✓ Advise an attendant in person.

Your patience is appreciated during our busy periods.



Seasonally Adjusted Diesel Fuel

Diesel fuel changes as the temperatures change with the different seasons. Diesel is like oil, and if it is not adjusted for the changing temperatures it will thicken in winter (like jelly) and will be too light in summer (like water).

To allow for seasonal temperature changes, refineries produce 'seasonally adjusted fuel'. This fuel is produced so that it is lighter in cold temperatures and thicker in warm temperatures.

Diesel is produced so the temperature at which it flows is adjusted several times per year. The following information shows at what temperature the fuel will flow to the engine in certain months.

To avoid the above problems Gas King ensures that diesel fuel manufactured in the winter months will not be sold in the summer months and vice versa.

Mixing of 'seasonally adjusted diesel fuel' is not generally a problem. However, the customer is advised to use caution if, for example, they are topping up a fuel tank that contains mostly summer diesel in December and vice versa.

Fuel Facts

Our Protection Policy

At Gas King we take safety and our environmental responsibilities very seriously. From our employees ensuring vehicles are turned off before fueling to making sure that our dispensers are giving our customers all the fuel they pay for.

Gas King is committed to providing a safe environment at everyone one of our facilities. Gas King takes precautions to protect the well being of our customers, employees and neighbours. We take great pride in training our employees on safety best practices and ensuring our properties are maintained with safety in mind.


Gas King takes pride in their safety record and will enforce safety precautions when necessary.


Gas King takes their obligations to protect the environment very seriously. The release of gasoline and diesel from a fuel tank or piping into the ground can be devastating for communities.