King Card Loyalty Pays Gas King

The loyalty offering with our new King Card is the same as our old King Card… there are no changes! The King Card design has been updated and all the King Card numbers have changed. These changes will allow us greater flexibility for future loyalty programming.

We kindly request that you spend the points on your existing King Card or KickBack Card by October 31, 2020. (Sorry, we are unable to transfer your existing balance to a new King Card). These points can be used to purchase anything we sell when redeemed in store… including Gas King gift cards. The old King Card can no longer be used at pay at pump or the car wash pay stations / tellers.

The new King Card can be used in store, at pay at pump and the car wash pay stations / tellers.

Please register this new King Card in one of the following ways:
• Visit mykingcard.com
• Complete the self addressed King Card Rewards Registration Form available at any Gas King location and mail it or return it to any Gas King location.
• Call the Rewards Central at 1-800-590-3410

Early bird registration: Please register your new King Card by August 31, 2020 to be entered for a chance to be one of 10 winners of 10,000 points ($100.00).