King Card Rewards

King Card Rewards is Gas King’s own free loyalty program. Pick up your King Card at any Gas King location and you can begin earning points immediately. Use your King Card to earn points on fuel, car washes and most merchandise at any Gas King location. Then spend points just like cash on anything we sell.

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KingCard Rewards

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Registering your card can be done in one of the following ways:

  • Online
  • Contacting KickBack Rewards Systems at 1 888 339 7064.
  • Completing a King Card Rewards Sign Up Form available at any Gas King location and mailing it to KickBack Rewards Systems or returning it to Gas King.

How to Earn and Redeem Points

To earn points pick up a free King Card at any Gas King location and present it when making purchases. Use your points as you wish - there are no set redemption levels and your points never expire.
Please see below for restrictions.

Using your card allows you to:

• Earn points on retail purchases made at any Gas King location (excludes taxes).

• Earn extra points when purchasing Bonus Point specials.

• Redeem points for anything purchased at Gas King when you present your registered card. Please see below for details.

• Qualify for prizes and coupons. Present your registered card to be entered to win great prizes and a chance to receive valuable coupons from local merchants.

• Participate in fun and easy to play games.

To redeem Points simply present your registered King Card to the cashier and advise them that you would like to spend all your points or a certain dollar amount. Please see below for details.

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Our Current Offer

  • Fuel (gas, diesel & auto propane)– 1 cent per litre: Points can be earned and  redeemed when paying for fuel in the store and only earned when using  pay at pump.
  • Merchandise – 1%: Points can be earned on most retail merchandise and redeemed on anything we sell. Please see below for restrictions.
  • Car wash – 1%: Points can be earned and redeemed when paying for car washes in  the store, at the pay station in each self-serve car wash bay and at the teller located at the entrance to each automatic car wash.


Gas King was the first merchant in Canada to join the KickBack Loyalty Points Network. Since June 2007 Gas King has been awarding loyal and valuable customers using this unique loyalty program. Since that date, millions of points have been earned and redeemed at Gas King. Customers have embraced the point give-a-ways, instant prizes, games, contests and all that the program has to offer.

Introducing King Card Rewards

On May 19, 2011, Gas King launched the King Card Rewards program, however, it is still part of Idaho (USA) based KickBack Rewards Network. The only noticeable change is the card and some of the literature and advertising will be branded, King Card. Gas King will still welcome your KickBack branded card and other KickBack merchants will welcome your King Card.

King Card Rewards - Powered by KickBack Rewards Network


Currently, King Card Rewards can be redeemed for anything sold at Gas King and are earned on all retail fuel, merchandise and car washes purchases except:

  • Cigarettes and tobacco products
  • Card products–including gift cards (excl. Gas King gift cards), phone cards, gaming cards and financial cards
  • Event tickets
  • Postage stamps

You must be 18 years of age or older to win prizes.

Please note the following:

You can begin earning points as soon as you have a card and you can earn points for as long as you wish with an unregistered card, however, to spend points your card must be registered.

If your card is registered you can also earn points by simply giving us your telephone number each time purchases are made. Swiping the card is required for redemptions. If your card does not swipe you simply transfer your points to a new card.

If you are a Gas King account holder we can link your charge cards to your King Card or KickBack card. Once linked, present only your charge card and you will still earn valuable King Card Rewards or KickBack Points.

To transfer your points to a different card please call KickBack Reward Systems at 1 888 339 7064

When the King Card is indicated on this website it pertains to the KickBack card as well.