Gas King Oil Co. Ltd. is a company committed to the success of its employees and the satisfaction of its customers. We offer our employees a fun and productive work environment, a chance to work with great people and an opportunity to show off their outstanding customer service skills to many interesting customers.

Join the Royal Family and discover what makes Gas King a great place to work!

Gas King - Established 1985
"I have been employed with Gas King since 2016. The Management here goes above and beyond your expectations in making you feel part of the team and that’s what Gas King is; an extension of family that takes care of its members. I am now currently in my second year of business school and my manager creates my work schedule to fit around my school schedule! It’s the best of both worlds, I get to connect with customers and coworkers all the while gaining a higher education. Being part of the Royal family here at Gas King is one of the greatest work environments I have ever been a part of."
Joshua K. - CSA, Kingsway Gas King
"I have been with Gas King since 2012. I was hired while in high school and as far as first jobs go, I can easily say this is one of the best ones I could have gotten. The welcoming environment of all of my coworkers and customers makes for a great shift every time I step through the door. "
Gage C. - CSA, Kingsway Gas King
"I am a Manager at Gas King and have been for the last several months. I was a Manager for 5 years prior and have just returned after 13 years. I can say that though there have been a lot of changes with the business, some things are thankfully still the same. The way you are treated by upper management and the owner is still as stellar as ever. This is a family company and they make you feel like family. While they have a business to run, you are still important to them as a person. They are always willing to work with you, your needs and situations. I am so glad that I have returned to work with these great people and enjoy the perks that they provide us to make us feel appreciated. I recommend giving Gas King a chance as your future employer!"
Kim S. - Manager, Northside Gas King
""I began working at Gas King 3 years ago as a CSA and recently became an Assistant Manager. My initial intent was to find part-time temporary work but soon realized I very much enjoyed the everyday tasks, challenges and the Gas King culture. I very much enjoy my role and the opportunities that are provided at Gas King.""
Marlon L. - Assistant Manger, Riverside Gas King
"I started with Gas King in August of 2011 at their 16th Ave. S., Lethbridge location and I am now at their location on Mayor Magrath Dr. N., Lethbridge. I think Gas King is a great company to work for. We have loyal customers that I have served at both locations. The management and head office staff are great to work for and they are flexible with my work schedule. I have enjoyed working for Gas King from day one and look forward to many more years of service!"
Steven O. - CSA, Eastside Gas King
"I started with Gas King in the Fall of 1992 as a part time CSA. We moved our small family from Montreal and with 2 small children at home full time it allowed me the opportunity to get out, meet the community and make new friends. After a brief leave when baby #3 arrived I decided to return to work full time and as luck would have it, an opening became available at Head Office. With my customer service and accounting background it was a perfect fit! Coming from a large corporate world it's refreshing to work for a small family run business where you are treated as family. Over the years I have grown along with Gas King and am proud to be a member of the Royal Family!"
Brenda B. - Customer Relations Manager, Gas King Head Office
"I have been a part of the Gas King family since 2013. From the start everyone made me feel very welcomed. After a few years of hard work and dedication I was given an opportunity to move up and become Assistant Manager. It's been fun being able to learn more about the business sides of things and feels good to know my efforts didn’t go unnoticed. With great people on both sides of the counter it is a great pleasure to come to work."
Christopher L. - Manager, Riverside Gas King
""I enjoy the variety of duties while interacting with customers here at Gas King. New items and innovation offer me continuous learning and change which keeps things interesting and different on a daily basis.""
Jeff T. - CSA, Butte Gas King
"I was hired at Lakeview Gas King in August of 2011 and have been with the company for over 8 years now. I love everyone I work with! We always have a good laugh and a good time. Getting along with your teammates makes the shifts go smoothly. The customers are awesome too. I love being with the company and I hope to see my ten year anniversary. "
Tina G. - CSA, Lakeview Gas King


Join The Royal Family

Customer Service Attendant (CSA)

CSAs interact with our customers daily and, therefore, are the backbone of our organization and the key to our success. A positive attitude, eagerness to please and demonstration of superior customer service skills will prove to our customers that Gas King is the way to go!

Assistant Manager

As an Assistant Manager your job is to assist the manager in the successful daily operation of the business and perform management duties when the Manager is absent. You are the mentor the Customer Service Attendants and help the manager ensure that store is following guidelines as directed by Head Office.

Gas King wants their Assistant Managers to provide the utmost support to the Manager. You will perform many jobs during the day, so you are required to have superb time management skills. An Assistant Manager will need to be a team player, as you will be a CSA and a manager all during the course of a day.


Management plays a critical role in the company's success. They are given the responsibility to manage the daily operation of the business and to strive to have the store operating at the highest level. It crucial that you develop your team, maintain positive relationships with vendors, and ensure that your customers needs are met day in and day out.

Gas King wants managers who an delegate responsibility, but also know how to perform every task themselves. While there is a certain amount of administration to be done, it is preferred that management spend a good portion of their day working with employees and assisting customers.