Gas King Oil Co. Ltd. is a company committed to the success of its employees and the satisfaction of its customers. We offer our employees a fun and productive work environment, a chance to work with great people and an opportunity to show off their outstanding customer service skills to many interesting customers.

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Gas King - Established 1985
"I have been with Gas King since 2012. I was hired while in high school and as far as first jobs go, I can easily say this is one of the best ones I could have gotten. The welcoming environment of all of my coworkers and customers makes for a great shift every time I step through the door. "
Gage C. - CSA, Riverside Gas King


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Customer Service Attendant (CSA)

CSAs interact with our customers daily and, therefore, are the backbone of our organization and the key to our success. A positive attitude, eagerness to please and demonstration of superior customer service skills will prove to our customers that Gas King is the way to go!

Assistant Manager

As an Assistant Manager your job is to assist the manager in the successful daily operation of the business and perform management duties when the Manager is absent. You are the mentor the Customer Service Attendants and help the manager ensure that store is following guidelines as directed by Head Office.

Gas King wants their Assistant Managers to provide the utmost support to the Manager. You will perform many jobs during the day, so you are required to have superb time management skills. An Assistant Manager will need to be a team player, as you will be a CSA and a manager all during the course of a day.


Management plays a critical role in the company's success. They are given the responsibility to manage the daily operation of the business and to strive to have the store operating at the highest level. It crucial that you develop your team, maintain positive relationships with vendors, and ensure that your customers needs are met day in and day out.

Gas King wants managers who an delegate responsibility, but also know how to perform every task themselves. While there is a certain amount of administration to be done, it is preferred that management spend a good portion of their day working with employees and assisting customers.